• Happy young driver in a crash helmet

    Welcome to buckmore4kids.co.uk

    Karting and much more for ages 4-15 years

  • turn up 'n' drive for ages 8-15
    4-7's turn up and drive kart

    Turn Up 'n' Drive

    All ages from 4-15 years

    8-15's main picture

    4-7's inset picture

  • laser warfare parties - Even mum and dad can join in!

    Laser Warfare parties for kids

    Even mum and dad can join in!

  • Junior Club racing. Picture by Simon Burchett
    Bambino karting for ages 6-7 years

    Bambino & Junior Clubs

    Junior 8-15 yrs

    Bambino (inset) 6-7 yrs

  • Karting parties at Buckmore. Ages 4-7, 8-11 and 12-15 are catered for

    Oodles of party ideas for all ages

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December/Christmas Day-by-Day Diary

A useful guide to what we have planned for youngsters in the lead up to and over the Christmas holiday period.

November News for youngsters

The kids may be back to school but there are still plenty of weekend activities to keep them amused this month. Read on for the full details

The weather at Buckmore

The weather forecast for Buckmore Park, as supplied by the Met Office

Lewis Hamilton honed his skills at Buckmore.

Lewis Hamilton honed his skills at Buckmore park

SWS official track

Buckmore for kids - Karting and so much more.

Welcome to our website for kids and youngsters aged from 4 to 15 years old. We offer go kart birthday parties, laser warfare games, bambino karting for 6-7 year olds, junior kart school and club for ages 8-15 years, as well as turn up and drive go karting for all ages.

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