Bambino kart school is for children aged six to seven years old who want to learn to race. The school provides all the equipment necessary including race suit, helmet, neck collar, gloves and rib protector. The kart supplied will be either a Zip 4 stroke Bambino kart for levels 1 & 2 or a 50cc miniature race kart. (See left for kart details.) A full safety briefing is given and the instructors are MSA ARKS registered instructors. The class is divided into small groups with each group enjoying three sessions of driving during the two hour lesson.

Bambino training is arranged in three stages and a child must move up through all three grades, with targets to achieve at each level before moving to the Bambino Club.

  • Level 1 - £59 per driver

Takes place on the Kids Mini GP Circuit and teaches the basics of vehicle control and understanding of simple instructions.

  • Level 2 - £59 per driver

Also run on the Kids Mini GP circuit where we introduce simple techniques such as race lines and braking points.

  • Level 3 - £65 per driver

The young driver now moves on to the larger Club Circuit where our young drivers have new lines to learn. Satisfactory completion of this level earns the driver the right to join the Bambino Club.

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Note: as places are limited we will accept bookings for both the School and Bambino Club on a first come, first served basis.

All lessons and Bambino Club entries must be paid for in advance. We will also need to know the height of each driver when booking.

Please book early to avoid disappointment. To book please telephone 01634 201562.


The Buckmore Bambino Club is an organised club for kids aged 6 and 7 that holds regular meetings on the Club Circuit. It is Ideal preparation for entry into MSA owner/driver timed events and then full racing at age 8, or for Buckmore's Junior Club for 8-15 year olds. The club features a dedicated format taking account of the relatively young age of the drivers. All equipment is supplied including clothing and Zip mini competition karts.

Note: Bambino Club drivers must undertake Bambino tuition organised by the Bambino School (or similar elsewhere) before entering Bambino Club events. Even those taught elsewhere must complete a Bambino lesson 3 at Buckmore Park after providing written proof of previous lessons at another venue. As youngsters of this age develop at very different rates, safety is of paramount importance and therefore individual tuition may be required.

Price and details

  • £69 per driver (Club or Practice)

The club is open to drivers who have completed the three stages of the Bambino School. We will also consider drivers who have reached a similar level of experience elsewhere subject to verification of their competence. All drivers must have reached their 6th birthday. All equipment and safety wear is provided. All drivers receive a friendly safety briefing and full instruction. Places are limited and often sold out. Places must be paid for at the time of booking.

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Bambino karting for 6-7 year olds - an introduction

Traditionally the earliest that children started racing was at eight years old. As children mature quicker these days we felt that there was a perfect opportunity for them to learn the basics of driving and race lines to prepare them for full racing at eight years of age.

The Bambino School takes children from age six until they reach eight and concentrates on teaching them the rudimentary steps of race craft using purpose made miniature four and two stroke race karts.

The Bambino School prepares the young drivers by teaching driving skills such as pedal control, steering, control of the kart and safety awareness. The school builds up the children's skills by degrees, the first lessons take place on the nursery circuit , the Kids Mini GP Circuit using four stroke karts, while their third grade is taught on the larger Club Circuit and on faster two stroke race karts.

The Bambino Club is only open to those children who have successfully reached the grades in the Bambino School (or similar and approved elsewhere). The Club arranges competitions, though no actual racing just yet, in which the drivers compete against the clock.