The Rookie Series

Rookie: (noun) A sportsman in his first year of competition. 

The Rookie series of race meetings has been designed for young drivers coming straight from the Buckmore Park Kart School (or similar and approved elsewhere.) Those with greater experience should go straight into the Championship series. 

Race entry fee: £82*

* Except for events on the full circuit which are £88 

Junior Championship

Championship: (noun) A series of competitions to establish a Champion.

NEW! From March 2016. Juniors aged 13-15 and a minimum of 5' in height will race in our 390cc adult RT8 karts. 

Junior Club organizes 2 championships a year. The summer series is 7 rounds of which the best six scores will count. This allows for a missed round or to drop a poor result. The Winter series is 3 or 4 rounds. Races count as qualifiers for the SODI WORLD SERIES

Race entry fee £82*

* Except for races on the full circuit which are £88