The Sodi World Series (SWS)

sws Junior Cup logo The Sodi World Series is an annual competition to find the best hire kart drivers in the world. Around the globe a series of qualifying races are organised by kart circuits using karts manufactured by Sodikart of France. In addition to the adult classes the series includes the SWS JUNIOR CUP. The Buckmore Junior Club races are also SWS Junior Cup qualifiers and generate points for the world series. 

Entry is free*, but registration is required at the Sodi Word Series website 

Every year a world final is held somewhere in Europe in late spring. Over the past few years the Buckmore Junior Club has been proud to achieve the following results...

2010 - Pier Prior - World Champion (Junior)

2011 - Luke Battersby - World Runner up (Junior)

2012 - Andrew Graham - World Champion (Junior older group): Ben Graham - World Champion (Junior younger group) Kyle Harvey ranked 5th in the world

2013 - Ben Graham - National Champion and ranked 7th in the world: Luke Battersby - Ranked 10th in the world: Aline Paillard ranked 14th in the world.

2014 - Matt Luff - World Champion (Junior)

2015 - Matt Luff - World Champion (Junior)

* There is no charge to enter the SWS Junior Cup other than the normal race entry fee for the Buckmore Junior Club. Should a driver do well enough to attend the World Final, then there is a charge (yet to be set for 2016) The Buckmore Park Junior Club will subsidise the cost by 50% which will given in the form of track credit to be set against future karting at Buckmore Park.