Frequently asked questions (about kids activities)

Will my child fit in your karts?

Our Junior karts are very adjustable, both the pedals and the seat can be adjusted, but there are obviously limitations. For ages 4-7 we have no minimum height restrictions on our karts. For ages 8-15 the minimum height to be able to safely control our karts is 4’2”(127cm). Maximum sizes are far harder to stipulate.

Height for example; a child may be long legged or have average legs and be long in the body. A similar problem occurs with weight limits. Some children are broad in the shoulders and muscly while another child of the same overall weight can be bell shaped and struggle to fit the seat. This is why we hesitate to list maximum sizes
Different shape, same weight Both of these children may weigh the same but one may well have a harder time fitting in the seat. We are more than happy to let your child try a kart for size at any time before your planned visit. This can prevent an awful lot of upset and embarrassment on the day.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange to try out a kart for size.


What if it rains on the day of my event?

Juniors racing in the rain All events are risk assessed to take place in any condition, with the exception of extreme weather  (i.e snow). In extreme weather conditions we will contact you* prior to your event to reschedule as appropriate. In wet conditions drivers are supplied with plastic wet over suits. If it starts raining while they are on track, then basically, they will get wet, but when has that ever bothered a child? Bring a change of clothing just in case. 

Our karts remain on slick tyres, whatever the weather. 

* Applies to booked events only. Those intending to turn up 'n' drive should check the weather or phone the circuit before travelling when extreme weather is expected. 

Collecting your kids after a birthday party.

If my child is a guest at a birthday party at Buckmore, when should I come back to collect them?

Normally the youngsters eat after they have finished karting, in which case allow about an hour for them to complete their birthday meal. Better still, text them and ask!

What should my youngster wear?

What should they wear? The ideal clothing is casual. T shirts/sweatshirts and jeans with flat soled shoes such as plimsolls or trainers but do avoid trainers with soles like breeze blocks as these make driving difficult. Avoid sandals and open toed shoes as these are unsuitable. It is wise to bring a change of clothing too for the trip home as they might get wet and sometimes in the excitement of the occasion small accidents and leakages can occur! We will provide all necessary safety wear.

Can I bring spectators to watch the kids?

Yes, we have great facilities – family, guests and spectators are always welcome without charge. Buckmore Park Kart Club also promotes owner/driver national status televised kart racing events to which spectators are always welcome although a small spectator fee may apply to these events.

Can my child use his/her own crash helmet and racesuit?

Yes, providing the helmet meets standards and the suit is in good condition and designed for go karting.

Is it okay to video the event?

video filming Yes. You may video from any of the spectator areas provided. You are not allowed to film in the changing rooms or safety briefing. We also do not allow cameras to be helmet or chest mounted and we do not allow cameras to be mounted to karts. These rules are made following consultation with the MSA and the NKA and are designed with safety in mind, You may use a shoulder mounted camera provided that the equipment is purpose made for your particular vGo-Pro (or similar) camera. If in doubt, ask on the day

Do you have facilities for disabled parking, access and toilets?

Disabled parking bays are available in the corporate car park which is nearest to the Clubhouse. There are wheelchair friendly ramps for easy access and a lift to the first floor. Toilet facilities are available in the Clubhouse as well as in the paddock area. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet in the cafe and baby changing facilities are also available. If the intended driver has a disability, it is wise to discuss their needs with us before the event. 


Can I buy gift cards and merchandise?

Yes, they can be redeemed against any specific Buckmore event or merchandise and can be purchased online, by phone or over the counter during circuit office hours. We also have a wide selection of merchandise available from circuit reception in the front car park. 

Do you allow online booking of events?

 Adult events can generally be booked online, but for our children's events we prefer to talk to you first to make sure your child is booked into the right event and meets all the criteria for that event. Bambino Club, Junior Rookie and Club events can be booked securely online provide that the child meets the entry criteria for that event. If in doubt, call us on 01634 201562. 

Have you got plenty of parking facilities?


We have ample parking facilities for up to 400 cars. The corporate car park is closest to the Clubhouse while the Paddock Car Park services the Turn Up 'n' Drive circuits.

Can we get refreshments at Buckmore?


Full Cafe service is available in the Clubhouse Park Cafe which is open all day. The Pit Stop cafe bar in the paddock is open at busy times.

I still have a question you haven't answered.

Phone or email us Then simply give us a call on 01634 201562 or Email us here